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Products & Services
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Network Services
The team of engineers at Cherokee Nation Technologies apply time-tested procedures for designing, installing and maintaining network systems. CNT uses a process-based approach to build a powerful, yet cost-effective architecture. CNT’s comprehensive set of network services ensures its clients that their networks are robust, reliable and secure.

Some of the network services provided by CNT include:

Network Security
Cherokee Nation Technologies helps clients preserve the integrity of their systems and information by designing, implementing and maintaining highly secure networks​. CNT develops and supports the policies, procedures and standards required by federal organizations including certification and accreditation (C&A) testing. It carries out information security and classification, personnel security (e.g., ethics, passwords, general software, networks, internet, laptops, and portable computing devices), computer and network policy (e.g., system administration, physical security, access control, logon policy, assurance, accountability, audit, and reliability), network policy, software development policy, Continuity of Operations Programs (COOP) and policy enforcement.

Planning & Design
CNT plans the most efficient way to build a fully scalable computer network to meet clients' specific needs, today and in the future. CNT designs complete solutions using cost-effective strategies to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. CNT provides expert technical support in network design, engineering, test and evaluation and security.

Implementation & Integration
CNT has broad experience implementing, integrating and testing networks utilizing a range of technologies and topologies. CNT assists in federal acquisition policy to assure that components and tools are acquired in accordance with all applicable policy and regulations. CNT assists in the management of data communication networks between and within the various centers, offices and data collection sites.

Network Management & Monitoring
CNT ensures high operational reliability, system efficiency, and quality service levels. It monitors network performance, proactively conduct maintenance, and detect and respond to security threats. CNT responds to user service requests, troubleshoot hardware and software problems, and maintain virus protection and security patches.